Fire Flogger

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Fire Flogger

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It's not safe to hit somebody with fire on purpose.  

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While we do not recommend putting fire one someones body on purpose, we have done it with this tool.

The  6 Falls are 14", the handle is 8 inches long and 1" in diameter.  The handle is weighted for better feel.  The flogger can be used many times, but eventually the kevlar will need to be replaced, replacement falls are $75
Soak in either white gas, white gas/lamp oil mix, or 90% isopro (for indoor use)
The pillowed ends allow for a lingering flame, and early fuel transfer.  This is both dangerous and amazing, so please practice on an inanimate object (like a leather desk chair) first.
The Burntime (with pure white gas) is only about a minute and a half, the second part of which is slightly less dangerous to hit people without risking major transfer or fuel.   

Remember, there is no SAFE way to play with fire, only slightly LESS DANGEROUS ways to play with fire.

Please contact us directly for a more in depth lesson on fire flogging.

Do not attempt to attach the flogger handle to any sort of rope or leash.  This is not a head for poi, rope dart, meteor, etc.  That would be a very dangerous way to use this tool.

Sunshine Fire Toys is not responsible for any physical or property damage caused by this product.