fire hoops

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A fire hoop is exactly what it sounds like: A hoop that you can light on fire.  Traditional fire hoops are made of a plastic tubing just like a normal hula hoop.  The kevlar wicks are on the ends of steel cable "spokes" that connect to a plug on the inside of the tubing. As you can see in this photo, the Sunshine Fire Toys SAFE WICK™ design features a small aluminum plug with a mechanical connection to secure the spoke.

How to not melt your hoop

Because most fire hoops (including the Sunshine Fire Toys Vulcan Safe Wick™) are made of plastic, they are susceptible to deforming or melting.  As long as you keep your hoop moving, the plastic will stay cool.  If you hold your hoop in one place too long the flames have a chance to heat up the hoop, and eventually the plastic will lose it's structural integrity.
    The Vulcan Safe Wick™ features silicone tape below the wicks to fight the heat of your flames.  While this will buy you time, the fire can reach 2000°F, and most hoops only have a temperature rating of up to 250°F.  This is significantly lower than the temp of the flame.  The silicone tape does not make the hoop fire proof, it just makes it so if you melt the hoop, the wick will not go flying.  Hence the name Safe Wick.
   If you need to stop hooping while your fire hoop is lit, hold it horizontally around your waist.  This way the flames will go away from the hoop.  The worst thing to do with a fire hoop is to hold it vertically without moving.  The flames from the bottom wicks hit the plastic directly, and before you know it you have a deformed or broken circle.

Safe Wick™ plug

Cliff Notes:
-Don't hold your hoop still.  If you have to, do it horizontally.
-Keep your hoop moving.  Stalls are fine, but don't stand and pose with a motionless hoop.
-Spin off the excess fuel before you light up.
-Have a friend with a wet towel near by

What if I melt it??

You would not be the first.  It happens, especially to beginners.  If any part of the circle gets damaged, you can mail it back to us.  We will cut out the damaged area and replace it with a connector.  Depending on the size of the affected are your diameter may change slightly.  If you know somebody that makes hoops that can probably fix it for you.